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Vast, varied and vibrant, Asia is a mighty backyard. Yet it is one that our team of local Travel Experts know intimately. They live, love and breathe Asia and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with first-time and repeat visitors. Like trusted friends armed with encyclopedic knowledge, we're excited to be guiding you around our wonderful patch. Whether its taking you to the perfect sunrise spot at Angkor or steering you towards spectacular beaches, mountains and cultural wonders, we've got your back. So come on, let us show you around our Backyard.

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From the jostling of Hanoi’s hectic intersections and to your first refreshing bite of banh mi, the phenomenon of Vietnam stays with you. With over 3,000 kilometers of gorgeous coastline and world-famous natural wonders, such as the snaking Mekong River and the jagged limestone bluffs of Halong Bay, a tailored Vietnam tour has all the ingredients of the perfect Asia getaway. It’s the Vietnamese, however, with their contagious optimism and gracious view on culture and history, that truly take your breath away. Browse our selection of itineraries from which we base our tailored Vietnam holidays for just a sampling of what this country is all about. Mekong river cruises, beach retreats, and culinary trips balance out luxurious resorts and romantic lodges. With specialists based in Hanoi and Saigon, Backyard Travel provides custom private tours of Vietnam to suit your dream of Southeast Asia.


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Just perfect

I spend a great time. Visit was perfect. The guide showed me a lot of things...

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Unforgettable honeymoon!

Our honeymoon experience traveling through beautiful Vietnam was unforgettable - and I couldn't recommend Backyard Travel...

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Backyard put together an amazing trip for us at a...

Backyard put together an amazing trip for us on a moment's notice. The trip they arranged...

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May ’18 “Asia experts Backyard Travel offer 9-day overland tours from US$1,105 per person, including Mekong Delta and Halong Bay, and taking in the main sights between Saigon and Hanoi.”

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SouthChinaPost - Vietnam - Saigon - Hue - Hoi An - Hanoi

Apr ’15 “Book a tour with Backyard Travel and ask for Shi to be your guide: you‘ll explore the countryside around Hue in central Vietnam by bicycle and he‘ll take you to meet one of the city‘s cycling legends and war heroes … in a place you‘d least expect.”

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What’s Special about Vietnam?

A crossroads for trade and a melting pot of cultures, Vietnam fuses local customs, regional influences, a torrid colonial past with France and a difficult legacy of war with the United States into one of the most multifaceted places in Asia. Experience the whirlwind of Vietnam life on a walk down its dynamic streets.


Cheerful, relentless, quick with a smile and even quicker with a deal, the Vietnamese pride themselves on being engaged and having a wicked sense of humor. Industrious and hardworking, they are courageous in the face of their contentious history.


Especially in the south, humid, warm conditions are the norm in Vietnam. Monsoon rains bring downpours during the summer, and typhoons strike the coast in both spring and fall. Winter brings cooler, dryer conditions, verging on cold in the mountainous north.


Vietnam’s large cities and tourist centers all have a wide selection of bars and nightlife. For more local fare, try an evening of Hat Tuong, a Vietnamese variant of Chinese opera, or the delicate and distinctively Vietnamese art form of water puppetry.


As you might have guessed from the innumerable flavors in the food, Vietnamese culture combines a number of local, regional, and international influences — from traditional family customs to Chinese Buddhist principles and the Parisian grandeur of Hanoi’s opera house.


Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and is spoken by most of the population. Minority and regional languages include Chinese, Khmer, and Cham. The younger generation and quite a lot of locals learn and speak French.


An ancient kingdom at times annexed by China, colonized by France, and the stage for one of the bloodiest confrontations of modern history, Vietnam today strives to carve out a place for itself in the world without compromising its culture and values.

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With years of experience in the country, Backyard Travel is proud to be an established and reputable Vietnam travel agency with trip specialists based in both Saigon and Hanoi. Our friendly local experts make it all possible, putting their insider tips at your service to design your ideal tailor-made private tour of Vietnam.


Vietnam Travel Specialist


Vietnam Travel Specialist

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