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One of Southeast Asia’s most multifaceted capitals, Kuala Lumpur is a mesmerizing metropolis and melting pot.

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Kuala Lumpur, the cosmopolitan capital of Malaysia, is one of Southeast Asia’s most worldly cities—and in the best ways possible. From the minarets of Jamek Mosque to the mouth-watering sights and smells of Chinatown, this capital city embraces all cultures and lifestyles. Shop the chic boutiques of the Golden Triangle, whiz up the elevators of the Petronas Towers, or join in the food lovers’ melee at the markets of Taman Connaught. Kuala Lumpur never fails to surprise and enlighten. Beyond the city limits lie rural landscapes and tropical beaches just begging to be explored. We welcome you to create your own tailored Kuala Lumpur holiday, starting from the capital and continuing on to discover caves, linger by the sea, or explore Malaccan history. Our locally based Travel Specialists will help make your customized Kuala Lumpur tour special.


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What’s Special about Kuala Lumpur?

Compared to the wilds of Malaysian Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia has a modern, urban vibe. But that doesn’t mean the peninsula lacks incredible natural sites. In addition to the glitz of Kuala Lumpur, the surrounding countryside is home to lush rainforest, complex cave systems, and tea plantations. Kuala Lumpur offers a melting pot of the urbane and the wild like none other.


Kuala Lumpur is an incredibly diverse city. Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures mingle with that of more far-flung nations as well as indigenous Bornean peoples.


It’s always warm in Kuala Lumpur. Its steamy, tropical climate can be sunny or rainy, and the monsoon months fall between October and March.


Food, art, history, religion—name your interest and you can probably find it on a private Kuala Lumpur tour. For those who seek some refuge in nature, head to Batu Caves or the rainforests a day’s drive from the capital.


Boasting the local traditions of the indigenous Orang Asli and the imported customs of the Indian, Malay, Chinese and British, Kuala Lumpur is perhaps one of the world’s most fascinating melting pots.


Expect to hear a wide variety or languages here. While the national language of Malaysia is Malay, English is widely understood and you’re sure to hear snippets of Chinese, Indian and more.


Kuala Lumpur grew to the metropolis it is today from a tin-mining outpost founded in 1857. It became the capital of the Federated Malay States in 1896, then became the capital of Malaysia when the nation’s independence was declared in 1957.

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