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Vast, varied and vibrant, Asia is a mighty backyard. Yet it is one that our team of local Travel Experts know intimately. They live, love and breathe Asia and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with first-time and repeat visitors. Like trusted friends armed with encyclopedic knowledge, we're excited to be guiding you around our wonderful patch. Whether its taking you to the perfect sunrise spot at Angkor or steering you towards spectacular beaches, mountains and cultural wonders, we've got your back. So come on, let us show you around our Backyard.

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Yogyakarta is the kind of city you dream of when traveling to Java. The city has over one million inhabitants but manages to retain a calm, blissful atmosphere with a fierce devotion to its ancient customs, making it a favorite among visitors to Indonesia. The prodigious complex of the Sultan’s Kraton Palace is still at the heart of the city’s cultural life. The elegant pavilions and royal walls make for gorgeous afternoon strolls, but the real treat is witnessing the colorful spectacle of traditional Javanese dances and chiming gamelan orchestras presented almost daily in the palace grounds. By night, Yogyakarta offers candle-lit shadow puppet or beautiful Ramayana ballet shows. A tailormade Yogyakarta tour through this artistic city will introduce you to the beating heart of Java’s ancient, living history and passionate, soulful present.


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Jul ’17 “Sumba, an island in eastern Indonesia, is home to the unique Marapu religion. […] Backyard Travel can tailor a 4-day guided tour, with B&B three-star accommodation for £525 per person, based on two people travelling together.”.

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What's Special About Yogyakarta?

Backyard Travel’s tailor-made Yogyakarta tours provide an insider’s look into the history and culture of this buoyant city. In a town known for its traditions, art, and restless spirit, you’ll find something new to see and learn at every turn, whether you’re looking for it or not.


Worldly and open, Yogyakarta is known for its cultured citizens. Above all, the city’s residents are deeply proud of their traditions, willing and happy to greet visitors and explain the finer points of gamelan music.


The city’s robust calendar of events and public performances makes any time of year a good time to visit. If you’d rather stay out of the rain while discovering the city, the dry season falls between July and September.


Bars, lounges, cafes, and clubs are covered in Yogyakarta, but you’ll be eager to dig deeper into the local entertainment. Sample local coffees or enjoy traditional performing arts, like the 24-hour marathon puppetry.


Try nasi gudeg — chicken, jackfruit, and rice — at the Kranggan marketplace, then watch a Ramayana dance performance. Artists, students, and passionate locals make Yogyakarta one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the region.


Indonesian is spoken by the vast majority of Yogyakarta’s inhabitants. Due to the city’s large population of foreigners, however, English is also widely spoken, especially in tourist destinations.


History is everywhere in Yogyakarta. The Hindu Prambanan is overlooked, considering its Buddhist rival Borobudur, but both are enchanting realms that reveal the astonishing multiculturalism of Java. Don’t miss Kota Gede, the old quarter of the city.

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What makes our custom private Yogyakarta tours special is the local expertise of Backyard Travel’s Indonesia specialists. Let our experts take you to their favorite spots and reveal to you what makes Yogyakarta an ethereal destination like no other.


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