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A kaleidoscope of colors and cultures, Indonesia's islands offer blissful retreats and riveting adventures.

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Vast, varied and vibrant, Asia is a mighty backyard. Yet it is one that our team of local Travel Experts know intimately. They live, love and breathe Asia and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with first-time and repeat visitors. Like trusted friends armed with encyclopedic knowledge, we're excited to be guiding you around our wonderful patch. Whether its taking you to the perfect sunrise spot at Angkor or steering you towards spectacular beaches, mountains and cultural wonders, we've got your back. So come on, let us show you around our Backyard.

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Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands, and each is a world onto itself. The pristine Gili islands greet visitors with white-sand beaches and stunning wildlife, while the pink sands and jagged hillsides of Komodo are home to the enigmatic Komodo dragon. In Sumatra, playful orangutans hang from trees under a horizon of smoldering volcanoes. The people that inhabit these remote paradises are no less diverse. Gaze at the meticulous movements of Balinese dance, collide with the hustle of Jakarta’s unruly intersections, and absorb the ancient traditions of the Asmat on fabled Papua. Backyard Travel’s tailor-made Indonesia tours include family and honeymoon tours of Bali, rafting and biking expeditions across the countryside, guided hikes of natural sites, and tranquil retreats to hushed beaches. Whatever you’re looking for, our Indonesia travel agency team is here to create the perfect custom Indonesia private tour designed around your interests.


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it was a great trip

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Novie Olivia Created a Wonderful Itinerary for Us

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Fantatic trip from start to finish

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Nov ’17 “Backyard Travel Bespoke tours with local pros in 10 Asian countries. In April 2017, it launched two new Lombok itineraries, […] Both include accommodations, guide services and premium vehicle transfers.”

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Aug ’17 “Backyard Travel’s five-day Journey to Far Lands lets you learn more about this fascinating culture. Whether you are trekking through villages, visiting markets or enjoying lunch in a traditional wooden house, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with locals.”

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Jul ’17 “Sumba, an island in eastern Indonesia, is home to the unique Marapu religion. […] Backyard Travel can tailor a 4-day guided tour, with B&B three-star accommodation for £525 per person, based on two people travelling together.”.

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Aug ’15 “Asia specialist Backyard Travel has an action-packed 10-day guided tour around Bali, with half-board accommodation, starting at £469 per person.”

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What to Expect from an Indonesia Tour?

Indonesia’s spectacular diversity makes informed travel essential. With so much to see and do and so many different ways to experience the country, a few insider tips can ensure you get the most out of your trip. Whatever your definition of paradise, chances are it exists on one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands.


Across Indonesia’s many cultures, people tend to be warm, hospitable, and fiercely regional. Expect smiling hospitality, a fervent devotion to tradition, and enthusiastic explanations of why this particular island is better than all the rest.


Indonesia’s climate is generally tropical with lower temperatures at high altitudes. The weather is marked by distinct rainy and dry seasons, but Indonesia’s rugged topography brings rain to different islands at different times of year.


In big cities and tourist centers, restaurants, bars, and clubs are plentiful, but the real treat is the local entertainment. Watch shows of Balinese Barong and Kecak dancing, or even join in on the fun.


Indonesia is home to about 300 ethnic groups. While cultures vary considerably across these groups, most of Indonesia exhibits strong Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and European influences. Unique endemic cultures are also found on many islands.


Indonesian, closely related to Malay, is the official language of the country and widely used in media, commerce, and administration. Most Indonesians, however, speak one of the country’s 700 living tongues as a first language.


A historical crossroads for trade, Indonesia has a history shaped by waves of Chinese, Indian, Middle-Eastern, and European traders. A former Dutch colony, the country achieved its independence after WWII and rapidly became a major economic player in the region.

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A reliable and established Indonesia travel agency, Backyard Travel provides expert advice and on-the-ground support to ensure a worry-free and unforgettable tailormade Indonesia holiday. Our Indonesia specialists are constantly looking for the uncommon, insider experiences to provide you with the best and most up-to-date advice for your travels.


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