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Vast, varied and vibrant, Asia is a mighty backyard. Yet it is one that our team of local Travel Experts know intimately. They live, love and breathe Asia and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with first-time and repeat visitors. Like trusted friends armed with encyclopedic knowledge, we're excited to be guiding you around our wonderful patch. Whether its taking you to the perfect sunrise spot at Angkor or steering you towards spectacular beaches, mountains and cultural wonders, we've got your back. So come on, let us show you around our Backyard.

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The world’s most populous country is also one of the most diverse and fascinating. From the open expanse of the Gobi desert to the brightly lit mazes of defining cities such as Shanghai, China defies simple characterization. Trek the ancient Silk Road, explore the imperial beauty of Beijing’s Forbidden City, and enjoy world-class dining and entertainment in trend-setting Hong Kong. Ramble through the countryside for more authentic, traditional culture, and sip a hot cup of tea among rolling rice fields in a tiny mountain village. As an established China travel agency, Backyard Travel offers China private tours that include guided museum and monument tours, outdoor expeditions, cultural explorations of China’s most remote corners, culinary discovery itineraries, and everything in between. With a tailor-made China tour from Backyard Travel, you know you’re getting the most out of the infinite possibilities of travel in China.


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All details were taken care of. The guides and drivers were fantastic. A well...

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Chicago Tribune - China - Xian

Mar ’14 “Backyard Travel specializes in tours in Asia, its location there giving it the advantage of providing an insider\’s view of the continent. Many of the company\’s trips plow new ground in visiting what sometimes are familiar destinations. An example is the two-day Ancient Xian by Vintage Sidecar & Jeep tour.”

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What’s Special about China?

With thousands of years of history, a varied landscape, a huge multiethnic population, and a dynamic, fast-changing present, China is a country that never ceases to surprise. There’s always something new to see or learn in China and — no matter how many times you visit — countless reasons to return.


The Chinese are hardworking, ingenious, festive people, fiercely proud of what their country has accomplished and optimistic about the future. In both small villages and big cities, you’ll find curious, engaged people eager to share their culture.


Across this colossal country, the climate varies from frigid Himalayan tundra to breezy tropical coasts. Summer temperatures can be sweltering, while winters are dry and quite chilly. In much of China, downpours are common during the summer rainy season.


China’s big cities offer entertainment options ranging from live music and trendy nightclubs to down-to-earth ping-pong and karaoke bars. For more traditional fare, explore Chinese opera performances, elusive shadow puppetry, and riveting orchestras of folk instruments.


In addition to conventional beliefs such as Taoism and Confucianism, China incorporates diverse influences such as Tibetan Buddhism and the millennial history of its southern hill tribes. China is a simmering cultural melting pot, constantly blending old and new.


Especially in the east, Mandarin is spoken by the vast majority of Chinese. Regionally, languages such as Cantonese and Shanghainese are also widely spoken. A testament to its staggering cultural diversity, nearly 300 living languages are spoken across China.


From its earliest dynasties to the 1949 communist revolution and its recent emergence as a global power, China has an illustrious history and, as many on the streets of China will tell you, an even brighter future.

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Backyard Travel is a local China travel agency. Our travel specialists who live in China can tell you everything from the best time to visit the Great Wall to the trendiest rooftop bars in Shanghai. Tell us your travel aspirations, and we’ll start designing your custom private China tour today.


China Travel Specialist


China Travel Specialist

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