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Elegant but down to earth, romantic and mysterious,
Phnom Penh embodies the wild and peaceful sides of Cambodia.

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Pictures never do Phnom Penh justice. The serpentine spires of its royal palace, the stoic French colonial architecture, and the candle-lit pagodas are all postcard favorites. The real Phnom Penh, however, appeals to all your senses. Relish in the river breeze, and lunch on steaming noodle soup. Sit at a cafe and watch the lively streets as chatty youths and saffron-robed monks pass by. As dusk approaches, surrender to luxury in a boutique hotel and relax to the vibe of the city. Backyard Travel’s tailored Phnom Penh tours delve deep into the electric pace of this capital city. Our local Phnom Penh travel agency has all the insider tips to make your time here affordable and unforgettable.


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What’s Special about Phom Penh?

Because diversity and complexity are the norm, you’ll always learn something new about what makes this city and country tick. Backyard Travel’s tailored Phnom Penh tours offer a privileged glimpse into the culture, history, and character of not just the city, but of modern Cambodia as a whole.


Far less laid-back than rural Cambodians, the capital’s residents are more worldly but still sincere and unassuming. Stroll through the waterfront or the bustling bazaar for a taste of Phnom Penh’s energy.


Phnom Penh is a sultry tropical city almost all year round. Temperatures are a bit cooler in the winter; the rainy season lasts from June to October. Fortunately, riverfront breezes offer a cool break any time of year.


Phnom Penh offers bars, restaurants, and a few nightclubs, many housed in atmospheric colonial buildings. See a traditional dance, music, or puppet show at a local theater before dining on a terrace overlooking the Mekong.


Although French colonization’s deep roots are evident in Phnom Penh’s beaux-arts buildings, stylish squares, and cafe culture, it is a decidedly Khmer and Buddhist city. The scent of lemongrass and glow of prayer candles fill the boulevards.


Khmer is spoken by most of Phnom Penh’s residents. Displacement and migration have also made some minority languages common. Some speak French, and young residents and businesspeople are more likely to speak English.


Phnom Penh was Cambodia’s royal capital, then France’s colonial capital, then the Pearl of Asia at the dawn of the 20th century. More recent turmoil has tarnished that reputation, but the city is making a comeback.

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