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Welcome to the kingdom of Cambodia, where elaborate temple cities rise from the vast jungle landscape.

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Vast, varied and vibrant, Asia is a mighty backyard. Yet it is one that our team of local Travel Experts know intimately. They live, love and breathe Asia and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with first-time and repeat visitors. Like trusted friends armed with encyclopedic knowledge, we're excited to be guiding you around our wonderful patch. Whether its taking you to the perfect sunrise spot at Angkor or steering you towards spectacular beaches, mountains and cultural wonders, we've got your back. So come on, let us show you around our Backyard.

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Most travelers come to Cambodia for the sprawling ruins of Angkor Wat. Deep in the jungle, through the towering stonework and poetic crumbling of Angkor’s dizzying temples and palaces is a sublime experience—well worth the trip itself. But hearty travelers who venture beyond Cambodia’s signature attraction find enchanting, energetic cities as well as wide vistas of shimmering rice paddies and verdant sugar palms. From the refreshingly undeveloped coastline of the Gulf of Thailand to the tiny villages in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia is genuine Southeast Asia. As an established Cambodia travel agency, Backyard Travel offers tailored Cambodia tours like cross-country biking and trekking adventures, community development projects, and sumptuous honeymoons. With the expertise of our local contacts, we design bespoke Cambodia tours for every kind of traveler.


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Sep ’13 “Backyard Travel offers a two-day, behind-the-scenes Phare Circus Experience, including rehearsals, dinner at Phare Café, the show, meeting performers afterward, a cruise to Battambang to visit the PPS school, meals, hotels and transfers.”

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What’s Special about Cambodia?

From its imperial glories to more recent tragedies, Cambodia’s tumultuous history has shaped a uniquely engaging country and people. From the intricacies of ancient Khmer culture to the wisdom of monks in flowing saffron robes, there’s always something new—and often life-changing—to learn in Cambodia.


Still unaccustomed to tourist flows outside of the Angkor Wat circuit, Cambodians are nonetheless welcoming, patient, and often very curious about visitors. They have a strong respect for family and elders, passion for education, and commitment to community.


Temperatures from November to March are pleasant and cool. From July to October the rainy season brings downpours along with explosive green scenery. The months between April and June see the fewest visitors as temperatures climb to over 35 degrees Celsius.


Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are packed with bar, restaurant, and nightlife options. For something a bit more local and traditional, take in a dreamy shadow puppet show or explore Cambodia’s dance, acrobatics, and performing arts.


With a traditional countryside and cosmopolitan cities, Cambodian culture is a fusion of ancient Khmer, Buddhism, Hinduism, French colonization, modern global influences, and the folk customs of the country’s diverse ethnic minorities and tribal communities.


Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, but minority languages such as Cham, Lao, and Jarai can also be heard. A remnant of Cambodia’s colonial past, French is still spoken by some inhabitants.


Imperial Khmer glory and collapse, regional invasions, French colonization, and some of the bloodiest crackdowns in the 20th century all contribute to Cambodia today as the country seeks to embrace its present and heal the wounds of its conflicted past.

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We live and breathe Cambodia and are always on the lookout for the latest hot spot or newest travel opportunity. Our Cambodia team is more than happy to answer your questions, provide insider tips, or help you start designing your tailor-made Cambodia holiday.


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Cambodia Travel Specialist


Cambodia Travel Specialist

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