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Kuching captures all that is Borneo—an enigma of culture and nature.

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Kuching, the multifaceted capital of Sarawak, is an excellent starting point for any expedition to Borneo. Known to the locals as Cat City, Kuching is a surreal fusion of multicultural tradition and history. Admire the British colonial buildings of the past, and let the wafting aromas of Bornean cuisine lead you down narrow roads lined with spice shops. The irrepressible, lush jungle lies just beyond Kuching’s city limits. Create your own tailored Kuching holiday, and spend your days village hopping, biking through the countryside, kayaking down the snaking Sarawak River, and exploring the thick rainforests of Borneo. Our local experience and insider knowledge will make your bespoke Kuching tour one of a kind.


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What’s Special about Kuching & Sarawak?

Maybe you didn’t know this—Kuching is actually a city of Malaysia. But the island of Borneo has its own spin on life! While Peninsular Malaysia has a modern, urban vibe, Borneo bursts with scenery and wildlife.


Kuching is a very multiracial city. With a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures as well as those of indigenous Bornean peoples, the locals of Kuching are proud of their heritage and are quite family-oriented.


Kuching is hot and very humid. Although you can’t avoid the rain, this shouldn’t dissuade you to visit! The refreshing showers are almost always a welcome break from the heat.


Nature is the source of Kuching activity. Take a boat ride out to Bako National Park, kayak through the Sarawak wetlands, or visit the orangutans at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. For a break from the sun, peruse the Sarawak Museum.


Naturally, because of its multiracial roots, the people of Kuching speak numerous languages, like Bahasa Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Mandarin, and Hokkien (a dialect of Chinese spoken in Southeast Asia).


Kuching is an astounding mosaic of multiculturalism, from its local Sarawak traditions of the Iban, Bidayuh, and Melanau populations to the Malay, Chinese, and colonial British influences. The past is revealed through Borneo’s diverse culture.


Kuching was first established in 1839 as the center of British colonial power in Borneo under the White Rajahs. Since Sarawak united with Malaysia in 1963, Kuching has come into its own with a burgeoning population of 600,000 people.

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Kuching & Sarawak Tours