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A tropical island synonymous with exploration and intrigue,
the natural paradise of Borneo has attracted thrill-seekers for centuries.

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Just mention of this tropical island conjures up legends of pirates, headhunters, and daring expeditions into deep and unforgiving jungles. While the headhunters are gone, Borneo's jungle is still there and it’s so alive and exuberant that even the myths don’t do it justice. Our Borneo explore this green oasis afloat in the tranquil South China Sea, with jungle hills, gaping limestone caves, and rivers flowing to pristine white-sand beaches. At dusk, when the chorus of howling monkeys, chirping tropical birds, and humming nocturnal insects fills the air, Borneo's wilderness is palpable. As an established Borneo tours agency, Backyard Travel offers a wide array of bespoke Borneo tours, featuring everything from luxury beach resorts and city tours of Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, to biking and rafting adventures and homestays in remote jungle communities. Tell us about your beach daydreams or rainforest quests, and we’ll design your personal personalized Borneo vacation.


What’s Special about Borneo?

Due to its past as a maritime trading post, Borneo has a multiethnic culture that echoes the vast diversity of its rainforests. Evidence of this is everywhere in Borneo, from the spice blends in Bornean cuisine to its cities of British colonial buildings and Chinese temples.


Despite legends of warring tribes and headhunters, Borneans are openhearted people who are eager to help visitors and to enjoy an interesting conversation with a stranger. Hospitality is a Bornean custom, and service in resorts as in street stalls is exceptional.


The climate in Borneo is generally hot and humid. Temperatures are more moderate and rain is less likely from January to April, making this a popular time for travel. March to July are the best months for diving.


Most travelers come to Borneo for sunrise hikes through the rainforest more than for the nightlife. Still, you can find lively bars, nightclubs, and live music in major tourist cities. Kota Kinabalu’s waterfront is especially fun.


Borneo’s culture is a mix of local tribal customs, immigrant traditions brought by Chinese and Indian merchants, regional influences, and the legacy of European colonization. The diversity of language, cuisine, and religion is most apparent in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


You can hear Borneo’s linguistic flair on any crowded street. Malay, Chinese, Hindi, and several tribal languages, such as Iban and Kadazan, are all widely spoken. English is used for some administrative purposes and is usually spoken in tourist establishments.


According to ancient Chinese manuscripts, trading posts existed on Borneo as early as the first millennium. The island’s wealth and strategic position attracted adventurers throughout the ages, from sultans to English traders and Japanese gunships.

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