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Marvel at the magnificence of Borneo's nature - nothing in the world is quite like it.

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Nature and Borneo are practically synonymous. Known as one of the most biodiverse regions of the planet, Borneo is a must for nature lovers, ecotourists, and outdoor adventurers. Take wildlife-watching tours with experts who can identify exotic animals by their calls, and enjoy a meal with welcoming families of indigenous tribes. Hike through the mysterious rainforests of Sabah, or kayak down the tranquil Sarawak River. Wander the massive Deer Cave, one of the biggest cave systems on Earth, or just suntan on the white sands of Kota Kinabalu’s beaches. Wherever your curiosity leads you, get the freedom to explore the mesmerizing biodiversity of Borneo on your own tailored Borneo nature holiday.


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What to Expect on a Tailored Borneo Nature Tour??

Our bespoke Borneo nature tours ensure unique encounters with the wild—with the added assurance of eco-friendly, low-impact sightseeing and accommodation, from orangutan sanctuaries and forest reserves to green floating bungalows deep in the jungle. Learn and explore responsibly on your tailored Borneo nature tour with Backyard Travel.


Nature tours of Borneo wouldn’t be complete without morning hikes, afternoon cruises, and night safaris. If that’s not enough, go kayaking down jungle rivers or mountain biking on forest trails.


One of the most biodiverse spots in the world, Borneo bursts with animal and plant life: gibbons, macaques, hornbills, bearded pigs, and the brilliant red rafflesia, the world’s largest flower.


From impenetrable rainforests to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, from the sandy shores of the South China Sea to the yawning caverns of Deer Cave, the scenery provides the ideal setting for exploration.


Ecologically sensitive guides ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, low-impact holiday in the wilds of Borneo. Learn about the island’s flora and fauna from the pros working at the sanctuaries.


Meet the locals who make these wild lands their home. Work with communities that care for and preserve the region’s delicate ecosystems. Participate in a tree-planting project. Enjoy a homestay with a welcoming family.


Get the best current recommendations from our expert Borneo team. Backyard Travel’s tailormade Borneo nature tours are put together by our knowledgeable local staff.

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With our local Kuching knowledge, our tours can be tailored to your specifications for an unforgettable trip. Backyard Travel’s consultants love to share their city’s uncommon, special spots with you.

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Borneo Nature Tours