Be inspired on a private Asia tour through three of the most fascinating capital cities. Get the inside scoop on Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

12 Days, 11 Nights     FROM US$ 1,506 PER PERSON

This inspirational exploration of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia whisks you on a private Asia tour, revealing some of the most fascinating aspects of Southeast Asia. Discover the iconic temples that the region is renowned for, as well as three fascinating capital cities. Our expert Travel Specialists will be your private guides on this Asia tour that will not only reveal must-see sites, but also the insider experiences that few travelers have the chance to enjoy.

Spend time in Bangkok and take time to understand the history of Siam with guided tours around the iconic Wat Pho (Temple of Dawn) and magnificent Grand Palace complex.

You’ll then move to romantic Luang Prabang in Laos and be inspired by the majestic temples and scenic landscapes. You’ll fall in love with a laid-back way of life with people that never seem to be in a hurry.

Vientiane is the next stop on this magnificent adventure before arriving in Phnom Penh, giving you the opportunity to directly compare these two similar yet unique capitals.

Your private Asia tour then moves on to Siem Reap where you’ll visit not just the famous temple complex of Angkor Wat, but also some of the magnificent lesser-seen temples such as Beng Mealea and Prasat Thom.


"This 12-day, culturally rich tour is perfect if you wish to discover the highlights of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia".

Wai Lin, Backyard Travel Asia Supervisor


Explore three of Asia’s fascinating capitals with insider adventures led by expert local guides
Visit and compare the most magnificent temples of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
Receive a private baci blessing, a ceremony that predates Buddhism
Observe the way of local life in small hill tribe villages

Daily Itinerary


  • Daily Itinerary
  • Day 1: Bangkok

    Welcome to the City of Angels and the start of your Asia private tour!

    Upon arrival you will be met by your local Backyard Travel guide and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of your first day is free to spend at your leisure to relax and enjoy.

    Depending on your time of arrival, perhaps you’d like to check out some of Bangkok’s famous nightlife areas or one of the ultra-luxurious rooftop bars. Be sure to consult your expert local guide who can provide you with insider info on where to go and what to do.

    Overnight in Bangkok

    Meals included: None

    bangkok-thai-mural-painting-on-the-wall-wat-phra-kaew-thailandBest time to visit central Thailand - Bangkok in summerbangkok-skyline-at-sunset-thailand
  • Day 2: Bangkok

    Life in Bangkok starts early, so following your hotel breakfast, meet your guide and venture out for a full day of exploration by public transport as the locals do. Stroll to the nearest BTS Station and take the Skytrain for a short journey to the boat terminal station of Saphan Taksin. Jump on a public boat to Tha Thien Pier on the Chao Phraya River.

    Disembark for the visit to Wat Pho, which is one of the largest and oldest wats (temples) in Bangkok and holds more than 1,000 Buddha images including the 43-meter-long Reclining Buddha. This famed figure is surrounded by 108 bronze bowls representing the 108 auspicious characters of Buddha.

    After this you’ll be able to walk around the temple grounds, which are home to the famous massage school (rumored to be the first-ever school in Thailand).

    Next door to Wat Pho is Thailand’s most famous landmark, the Grand Palace: the heart of old Bangkok and home of the famous Emerald Buddha. The Temple of The Emerald Buddha shares the grounds of The Grand Palace and was built by King Rama I, the founder of Bangkok, as a monument to his reign. Behind the breathtaking, opulent buildings and courtyards lies a fascinating history, which will be revealed by your knowledgeable Backyard Travel guide.

    Appropriate dress is required for the temple, but your guide can help you hire adequate clothing from the on-site rental office.

    In the afternoon, continue by another form of local transport, the tuk tuk, to Soi Ban Batra, where you will meet an artisan family famed for making monk’s alms bowls. From here, it’s a short stroll to catch a "bus boat" along the historical Saen Saeb Canal to the famed Jim Thompson’s House Museum. See his famous former house and the priceless Asian antiques he spent years collecting. The teak mansion was the former home of the charismatic American silk millionaire before he disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1967.

    If you’re still feeling energetic at the end of the day, you are free to experience one of Bangkok’s many attractions or one of the many shopping malls (MBK, Siam Discovery or Siam Paragon) that dot the city at your own leisure.

    Overnight in Bangkok

    Meals included: Breakfast

    bangkok-reclining-buddha-wat-pho-thailandBest time to visit thailand - temple in Bangkok during summerBuddhas in Wat Arun, BangkokBangkok at night
  • Day 3: Bangkok - Luang Prabang

    Today your private Asia tour crosses the border into laid-back Laos.

    After breakfast at the hotel, your expert local guide will take you to the airport for your flight to Luang Prabang where you will be met upon arrival by another local guide who will escort you to your hotel (taking approximately 20 minutes).

    Welcome to Laos! Luang Prabang is well known as the spiritual capital of Laos and translates literally as ‘Royal Buddha Image’. The city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City, is located in the north central region of the country and is a haven for fresh-air seekers, outdoor adventurers and nature lovers.

    Your expert guide will take you to climb the 328 stairs to the crest of Mount Phousi. From the top of the mountain you’ll be able watch the spectacular sunset over the picturesque city, rivers and hills that surround you as you soak up the spiritual essence of laid-back Laos.

    After descending the 150-meter-high mountain in the twilight you will be transferred back to your hotel, making a stop on the way at a hill tribe evening market for a bit of shopping. The nightly market is one of the highlights of Luang Prabang and features an abundance of locally produced crafts for sale.

    To end a splendid first day in Laos, you will then head to Luang Prabang’s finest French restaurant, L’elephant, where you will be spoiled with a delightful romantic dinner.

    Overnight in Luang Prabang

    Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

    Sunset_Mekong_Laung_Prabang_River_LaosLao Umbrellas on sale at Luang Prabang night market LaosLuang Prabang Night Market
  • Day 4: Luang Prabang

    This morning you have the option of getting up early to observe the local monks collecting alms. The rising sun brings with it long lines of orange-robed monks who walk barefoot around the city collecting offerings made by locals and should be seen at least once. You can then return to the hotel and take advantage of being one of the first to reach the breakfast service!

    Your tour will begin at the Old Town of Luang Prabang, a center steeped in rich history. Once there, you’ll take a tour of a local fresh market before moving on to the former Royal Palace, which now exists as the National Museum. Here you can learn about Laos’ rich history and culture and there are usually special exhibits on display to see. You’ll then move on to Wat Mai Buddhist temple, one of the most richly decorated temples of Luang Prabang, and Wat Sensoukarahm, which is decorated in a stenciled gold façade.

    Next you’ll go to visit Wat Visoun, one of the city’s most important temples, where you will find the fruit-shaped ‘Watermelon Stupa’. The colorfully nicknamed stupa was rebuilt in 1930 after lying in a state of ruin since it was destroyed in 1887 by invading Chinese forces. You’ll also go to visit Wat Aham, the ‘Monastery of the Opened Heart’, where you can see statues of the two guardian spirits Ravana and Hanuman at the southern and eastern corners of the porch.

    For lunch your Backyard Travel guide will take you to enjoy a fresh selection of local dishes at the family-run Tamarind restaurant where the staff aim to promote awareness and customs of the regional cuisine.

    After lunch you’ll head to Ock Pop Tok, a renowned textile gallery and crafts center where you can experience the history, methods, and cultural significance of the industry in Laos.

    You’ll then move on to the Traditional Art & Ethnology Center (TAEC), which is a non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation of the arts and lifestyles of Laos’ many hill tribes. The center is a wonderful place to learn about Laos and see many of the defining characteristics of the indigenous tribes around the country.

    Overnight in Luang Prabang

    Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

    Genric_Monks_Praying_LaosPanoramic view of Mekong river at Luang Prabang, Laos just before sunset.Wat_Xieng_Thong_Luang_Prabang_Laos
  • Day 5: Luang Prabang

    After breakfast this morning you will visit Wat Xieng Thong, the most famous temple in Luang Prabang. This temple, also known as Temple of the Golden City, rests on the northern tip of the peninsula close to the Mekong River. The temple was built by King Setthathirat in 1560 and remains a significant spiritual place in Laos.

    Your exploration of the famous temple will be followed by a transfer to a pier on the Mekong River where you will embark on a scenic cruise.

    The rivers of Laos have long been used as a local form of transportation, not just for people but also for moving goods around the country. Taking a boat ride down the Mekong is one of the best ways to appreciate how important the river is to the locals and along the way you’ll observe fishermen casting nets, people moving their goods from A to B and traveling to and from work.

    The boat will first carry you two hours upstream to the famous Pak Ou Caves (taking approximately 1.5 hours). Comprising two limestone caves, the lower of which is known to locals as Tham Ting while the upper is Tham Theung, Pak Ou overlooks the Mekong River and is a local pilgrimage site well known for the hundreds of miniature Buddha sculptures crammed inside.

    As selection of typical Laotian dishes will be served on board the boat and after taking you time to peruse the caves you will make the return journey to town, stopping at Ban Xang Khong and Ban Xien Lek, two small villages that produce traditional textiles and saa (Mulberry) paper.

    Once back in Luang Prabang your evening will be yours to spend as you please, but if you’d like any insight into local restaurants or things to do in the evening, consult your expert Backyard Travel guide.

    Overnight in Luang Prabang

    Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

    dreamstimelarge_18023493Pak Ou
  • Day 6: Luang Prabang – Vientiane

    After breakfast your guide will collect you from the hotel at a pre-arranged time and escort you to the airport in time to catch your short flight to the nation’s capital, Vientiane.

    While your bags are taken to your hotel, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at a local Laotian restaurant. Makphet is an award-winning eatery run by Peuan Mit, an organization founded by Friends International, which helps local families by selling their products in a small gift shop attached to the restaurant and trains homeless children how to cook and wait tables.

    Fully sated, you’ll next visit ‘Les Artisans Lao’ to see recycling of renewable materials such as bamboo, palm, and mulberry leaves into quality notebooks, stationary and printer paper, staffed by disadvantaged groups learning a new, sustainable trade.

    Next you will visit Patuxai, which literally translates to ‘Victory Gate’, a war monument in the center of Vientiane, built between 1957 and 1968. The large gateway was built in memory of Laotian soldiers who lost their lives during World War II and the war of independence from France in 1949.

    You will return to Vientiane in the late afternoon and will have the evening free to spend at your leisure, perhaps parading the promenade down by the riverside. Once again, be sure to ask your Backyard Travel guide for advice on any local bar, restaurant or evening activities.

    Overnight in Vientiane

    Meals included: Breakfast

    Patuxai_Vientiane _Laosvientiene-motion-blur-tuktuk.jpg
  • Day 7: Vientiane

    This morning after breakfast, you will be met by your guide, who will escort you to the most important national symbol of Laos—That Luang, a gold-covered Buddhist stupa in the center of the city, which was commissioned by King Setthethirat in the 1st century. Sadly not the original, the latest incarnation of the temple was reconstructed in the 1930s after numerous invasions.

    You’ll then pay a visit to the nearby Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which is a former temple that now houses an interesting museum. See the Presidential Palace, which served as the governor’s residence during French rule.

    The French theme continues for lunch with a delicious dining experience at L’Addrese Tinay restaurant, a bistro run by French expats who prepare authentic ‘home-style’ cuisine.

    Your afternoon will then be free to enjoy as you please. Perhaps you’d like us to arrange a special pampering session at one of the decadent local spas and enjoy a luxurious Laotian massage.

    In the evening you’ll be blessed by local monks with a baci ceremony. These ceremonies are deeply rooted in the Lao culture and are used to celebrate a special occasion—whether a wedding, an annual festival, or as a welcome. Receive blessings for good luck and happiness.

    Afterwards, as is tradition after all baci ceremonies, they will have dinner with a show at Phatoke Laosduem.

    Overnight in Vientiane

    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    dreamstimelarge_19576445Golden_Temple_Wat_Xieng_Thong_Architecture _Vientiane_Laosbronze-buddha-statue-at-haw-phra-kaew-laosLocal woman making flower offerings. She then sells  to people who take them to a temple as an offering. Laos
  • Day 8: Vientiane - Phnom Penh

    After breakfast, your Asia private tour whisks you across the border on a short flight to Cambodia’s historical capital, Phnom Penh.

    On arrival you will be greeted in the arrivals hall by your personal Backyard Travel guide who will transfer you to your hotel for check-in.

    Phnom Penh was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in Asia and still retains much of its colonial charm. The bustling city is situated at the confluence of the mighty Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers and boasts tree-lined boulevards and an abundance of original architecture.

    After freshening up, your local guide will take you to enjoy an atmospheric sunset cruise on the river where you’ll watch the Phnom Penh riverfront come to life.

    Overnight in Phnom Penh

    Meals included: Breakfast

    Royal-Palace-Phnom-Penh-Cambodia1000x600Cargo of woven baskets on a motorbike in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Day 9: Phnom Penh

    After breakfast at the hotel your guide will escort you on moto dop (the Cambodian tuk tuk) to see some of the city’s main highlights. Your first day of guided exploration will conclude at Wat Phnom, a hilltop temple built in 1373. The 27-meter-high structure is the tallest religious monument in the city and (according to legend) was constructed by Lady Phnom who built the temple to protect sacred statues of Buddha. The city was later named after Lady Phnom, and the site is still one of the most sacred sites for Cambodian people.

    Next you’ll move to the National Museum of Cambodia, which lies conveniently next to the Royal Palace. The museum is the largest in Cambodia and tells the story of the nation’s history and archaeology. The building houses one of the world’s largest collections of Khmer art made during the 4th–13th centuries. The roof of the museum is also home to one of Cambodia’s largest bat colonies!

    Finally you’ll head to the Royal Palace which was built in 1866 and has been home to Cambodian monarchs ever since (with the exception of the Khmer Rouge reign).

    The palace complex also houses the ‘Silver Pagoda’, known to locals as Wat Prakeo. The Silver Pagoda, which contains many effigies of Buddha made from gold, silver, bronze and crystal, was rebuilt in the 1960s at the behest of Queen Kossamak and is made of over 5,000 silver tiles that blanket the floor.

    Overnight in Phnom Penh

    Meals included: Breakfast

    SONY DSCA tuk tuk driver carrying his customer and her shopping in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.National Museum in Phnom Penh1000x600Indochina honeymoon: phnom penh royal palace roof sunset cambodia
  • Day 10: Phnom Penh - Siem Reap

    Today your private Asia tour takes you on a short flight to Siem Reap (taking approximately 20 minutes), where you will be met upon arrival by another local Backyard Travel guide.

    In the afternoon you’ll begin your tour of Siem Reap’s majestic temples by visiting the ancient city of Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire, and learn the history of the ancient temples.

    The city was established in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. Built in the Bayon style, the city is surrounded by an 8-meter-high wall, which creates a perfectly square barrier around the 9-kilometer-square city.

    You’ll enter the city through the ancient South Gate, an impressive stone archway with carvings of elephants and four giant faces sculpted into the surface. After passing through the gate you’ll continue to Bayon Temple in the exact center of the city. This 12th-century masterpiece is majestic to see up close and is famous for its 54 towers with enigmatic faces representing the 54 provinces of the Khmer Empire. The Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King are also must-see structures and are both known for their intricate stone sculptures.

    Overnight in Siem Reap

    Meals included: Breakfast

    siemreap-Angkor Wat Temple in Siam Reap CambodiaBas-Reliefs at the Outer Walls of The Bayon, Angkor Thom, Cambodiabuddha-statue-at-bayon-temple-ankor-wat-cambodiaApsara dancer posing in Bayon temple - Angkor Wat 3-day tour
  • Day 11: Siem Reap - Bangkok

    After breakfast, your Backyard Travel guide will collect you and take you on a one-hour drive through the Cambodian countryside to Beng Mealea, a fascinating temple hidden away deep in the Cambodian jungle.

    You’ll then take a short walk through the dense jungle and feel like Indiana Jones when you discover the overgrown temple hidden in the lush greenery. Having remained undiscovered for centuries, Beng Mealea has only recently been made accessible and is still unrestored. It is one of the few temples in Cambodia that visitors are actually permitted to climb and explore.

    You’ll then continue on to Koh Ker, a region that’s only recently opened to travelers. Here you will be able to experience various temples that date back to the 10th century, including the impressive Prasat Thom. At lunchtime enjoy a delicious packed lunch ‘al fresco’ at one of the picturesque temples.

    After lunch, drive back through the picturesque Cambodian countryside to the airport for your onward flight to Bangkok.

    When you arrive in Bangkok you will be met at the arrivals gate by your local Backyard Travel guide who will escort you to your hotel.

    Optional Activity: Helicopter flight from Siem Reap to Beng Mealea
    For an extra price you can get an elevated view of the incredible Angkor Wat complex from high up in the air to grasp the enormity of the former Khmer Empire. Please consult your Travel Specialist for more details and to organize the scenic flight.

    Overnight in Bangkok

    Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

    Mondulkiri province tour: cambodia careful elephant signfriendly-woman-kampong-cham-cambodia1000x600
  • Day 12: Bangkok

    The last morning of your Asia private tour is free to spend at your leisure, perhaps with some last-minute shopping or sightseeing before your guide ensures you a safe transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

    Meals included: Breakfast

    Buddha Hand And Orchid,  Thailand 1000×600

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Our local travel specialists are eager to discuss your tour ideas in their destinations. Just drop us a line.
Ask a Travel Specialist
Our local travel specialists are eager to discuss your tour ideas in their destinations. Just drop us a line.
Ask a Travel Specialist
Our local travel specialists are eager to discuss your tour ideas in their destinations. Just drop us a line.
Ask a Travel Specialist
Our local travel specialists are eager to discuss your tour ideas in their destinations. Just drop us a line.
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.
Start Planning your Trip!
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.
Start Planning your Trip!



Start Planning your Trip!
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.
Start Planning your Trip!
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.
Start Planning your Trip!
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.
Start Planning your Trip!
What's your ideal vacation? Let us know and a Travel Specialist will be in touch within 12 working hours to start planning a tailor-made trip just for you.