This tailored-tour gives you the chance to visit some of the most beautiful regions of Anhui Province, including Xidi and Hongcun, often immortalized on the silver screen.


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Welcome to Anhui Province, an area of such natural and unchanged beauty that it is often used as the backdrop for Chinese movies that require spectacular scenery of ancient China.

This trip will lead you to the beautiful regions of Xidi and Hongcun, both recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. In these picturesque towns you will learn about ancient Chinese architecture, as well as the ancient art of penjing and fengshui.

You will have the chance to meet with both a penjing and fengshui master, who will explain their art forms in detail. Your fengshui guide will lead you around Hongcun, a unique village that was constructed using the strict principles of fengshui and is laid out in the shape of a buffalo, complete with two large trees to represent horns and a canal waterway system for intestines.

You’ll also pay visit to the refined region of Chengshitang, an area that was originally constructed by a salt merchant, and the Mukeng Bamboo Forest where the exciting fight scene between Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) and Yu Jiao Long (Zhang Ziyi) was set in the Ang Lee movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The trip also includes a trip to Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), ascending by cable-car and spending the night at the summit. In the morning you will have the unique chance to watch the sunrise over the surrounding land as you savor a delicious breakfast then descend to the foot of the mountain and take a dip in the hot spring to rejuvenate, absorbing the water’s medicinal qualities.


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Visit the summit of Huangshan (also known as Yellow Mountains) and watch the sunrise over Beihai before relaxing at the foot of the mountain in a hot spring
Take a guided bike tour around Xidi and Hongcun, both listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites
Spend time in Hongcun, a town built to be shaped like a buffalo, based entirely around the principle of fengshui
Get a true glimpse of Chinese society with an overnight sleeper train experience

Daily Itinerary

Daily Itinerary

  • Start
  • Day 1: Shanghai - Tunxi

    Nihao and welcome to Chinese cinema’s beautiful film set!The region of China you will explore on this tailor-made tour includes some of the most iconic settings used in recent blockbuster movies such as the award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

    Your memorable adventure will begin in Shanghai with a delicious meal before boarding a sleeper train to Tunxi. Riding the traditional overnight train is an unforgettable experience and is a unique way to appreciate subtle nuances of Chinese culture.

    Safely tucked up in your own soft-sleeper cabin, you’ll discover that train travel in China is a cultural experience, not just a means to an end as you share a beer or baijiu (Chinese rice wine) with locals and consume scandalous amounts of sunflower seeds and freshly made noodles before getting some well-deserved sleep on this comfortable sleeper service.

  • Day 2: Tunxi - Xidi

    In the morning you will awaken in Tunxi where you will be met by your guide at the station as you arrive, who will then escort you to Wannan.

    Wannan is a region of fascination due in part to the local architecture that has sprung up as a result of the influx of tourists to the region. Anhui developed an effective commercial network in part due to its proximity to the Xinnan River and its fertile land. The river allowed an easy export route to transport tea, bamboo, salt, and wood easily to the east coast and allowed some local merchants to amass sizeable fortunes during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

    Three main characteristics of the local architecture still remain: the exterior walls which have been chalked white, the black tile roofs with superbly sculpted gables, the tianjing (which literally means ‘mirrors to heaven’) - indoor courtyards lit by skylights, and finally the paifang, commemorative arches dedicated to the most successful candidates from the Imperial exams.

    Your exploration of the region will begin with a bike ride through some of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in China, including Xidi and Hongcun which are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Over the course of today and tomorrow, while visiting this area you will learn about fengshui (which when translated literally means ‘wind’ and ‘water’), also known as ‘geomancy’.

    Your first stop will take you to Xidi, which is known for its three-level paifang (archway) at the entrance to the village which pays tribute to a member of the village clan who became a scholar. Xidi is also notable for having the largest number of merchants’ houses, whose sculpted wooden paneling is particularly attractive. These houses have been immortalized by the tireless work of students of fine art and photography enthusiasts.

    The final stop of the day brings you to Nanping, which boasts 500-year-old houses and is one of the best examples of an ancestral hall in the region, the Ye Family Ancestral Hall. A visit here will give you an insight into ancestor-worship, a fundamental practice of Chinese culture that has endured to this day.

    After you return your bikes you will then be free to spend your evening exploring Xidi further by foot around the moonlit streets, or simply take a well-earned rest and get a good night’s sleep!

  • Day 3: Xidi - Huangshan

    Hongcun is one of the best original examples of the application of fengshui in China and after your hearty breakfast it will be your first stop of the day.

    The village layout has been deliberately shaped to reproduce of the silhouette of a buffalo. Its intestines are symbolized by the village’s complex network of canals, and its stomach by the central valley into which they all flow, and two large trees just outside the village represent the horns of the buffalo. During your visit you will have the chance to meet with a fengshui master who will explain the ancient practice further. You will also have the chance to dine in a quaint local restaurant and get the flavor of local culture.

    Hongcun was used as one of the locations during the filming of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000 by Ang Lee, as was the demure village of Chengshitang which you will visit next. Originally constructed by a salt merchant, the region is a perfect representation of the prosperity and refinement of Chengshitang.

    Continuing the movie theme, next you will visit Mukeng Bamboo Forest where the exciting fight scene between Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) and Yu Jiao Long (Zhang Ziyi) was set. With no fighting to disturb the forest, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the ambience and serenity of the enchanting forest.

    You will then continue your journey to Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), ascending by cable-car. Here you will not only dine, but also spend the night at the summit. The nights here are fresh and the weather unpredictable, and as such waterproofs, walking shoes and warm clothes are a necessity.

  • Day 4: Huangshan - Shanghai

    Huangshan (also known as Yellow Mountains) has been a source of inspiration for many Chinese artists throughout the centuries and takes its name from an ancient tradition whereby each mountain was named after its most famous visitor. In the case of Huangshan, this was the Yellow Emperor (or in Chinese Huangdi), one of the founding fathers of Chinese civilisation who lived in the 3rd century BC. According to legend he was the inventor of fengshui.

    Like many other emperors, Huangdi was a total recluse and spent his life trying to reach immortality by creating potent elixirs made up of local herbal ingredients.

    Weather permitting, you stay at the summit of the mountain and enjoy your breakfast as you watch the sunrise over Beihai (which translates to ‘the North Sea’) where a forest of jagged peaks (with thought-provoking names such as ‘Beginning-to-believe Peak’ or ‘Lion Peak’) is relentlessly covered by a sea of clouds that give the impression of a constantly changing landscape.

    Here Mother Nature is the artist, so sit back and admire her work as a new day is born. Your walk to the top will be similar to that of a monk as you go on a pilgrimage following endless stairs that wind their way up the mountain face. If you’re feeling up to it you can continue on to the western stairs where you will be able to enjoy a descent by cable car.

    Once at the foot of the mountain you have the option to sooth your aching feet at the local hot spring in which the emperors of yesteryear used to bathe in thousands of years ago. The springs offer a variety of treatments using coffee, different types of alcohol and even fish baths where small ‘Dr. Fish’ will nibble away at your feet, picking your feet clean of dead skin.

    You will then be escorted to the airport for your onward flight. If you would like to add this trip to any other Backyard Travel tour please get in touch with one of our Travel Specialists who would be happy to help.

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