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From towering pagodas to meticulous meals, Japan offers a journey of balance and serenity.

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Our tailor-made Japan cultural tours let you discover the country’s ancient customs, artful rituals, and refined daily life. A bespoke Japan cultural holiday can take you to elaborate temples, fascinating historical museums, frenzied markets, tiny rural villages and rushing metropolitan streets. Whether your travels lead you to laid-back castle towns or modern urban marvels, our customized trips provide a unique insider’s perspective on Japan’s history, beliefs, and artistic heritage. Start your journey by browsing our diverse itineraries.


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Genuine Reviews of Our Japan Cultural Tours

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 137 reviews)
Very good13%

Holiday in Japan

5.0 rating
July 28, 2019

Highly recommended! No worries. Excellent organization

Kristel S

Holiday in Japan

4.0 rating
June 1, 2019

Fabrice Barbin was excellent on communication and responsiveness. The guides were excellent and all the hosts who met us were there as planned…no hic-ups. Thank you. The only concern, were we felt the itinerary was not unique and something we couldn’t have done ourselves or with another agency. We organized the Mario cars, a food tour on our own. We also learned our first day the boat ride on the itinerary wasn’t operating, so we had to re-arrange, which the guide paid for.

Donald L

Holiday in Japan

5.0 rating
May 28, 2019

Communicated clearly and helpfully over an extended period several months before our trip to suggest, advise and recommend places to see and how to go about it. They engaged professional local guides for one full day private tour in each major city and provided good information for how we could get about on our own the other days. They booked the hotels and provided flexible train tickets so that we could make changes if and when we desired.

Mark N

Holiday in Japan

5.0 rating
March 30, 2019

Backyard Travel’s customer service is excellent, we changed our itinerary a few times and this was accommodated without question and expediently. The self guide app includes the complete itinery along with recommended places to eat and attractions nearby we found really helpful. The local guides were informative and helpful too guiding it’s around the underground and taxis until we felt like locals.
I am hoping to book another experience with them soon.

Rana K

Holiday in Japan

5.0 rating
March 18, 2019

Excellent, thorough, with follow-up and every detail taken care of, as arranged

Maureen B

Holiday in Japan

3.0 rating
December 4, 2018

Generally things went well. We were told our documents would be waiting for us at our hotel. Someone forgot to send them, so we had to chase them. Overall though very pleased

David W

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They Recommend Our Japan Cultural Tours

NY Times - Japan - Nozawa

Jan ’14 “The Asian operator Backyard Travel offers 10-day itineraries to explore Nozawa and nearby sights like a seventh-century temple and a refuge for the area’s famed snow monkeys.”

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What to Expect from a Japanese Cultural Tour?

On a bespoke Japan cultural holiday you can explore ancient pilgrimage routes in the mountains of Kumano Kodo, uncover the secrets of Shingon Buddhism in Mount Koya, enjoy appetizing traditional meals, or visit cutting-edge art galleries in Tokyo. Get a rewarding, worthwhile experience on our tailored Japan cultural tours.


Our tailor-made Japan cultural tours take you deep inside local customs and beliefs. Participate in Shinto ceremonies, and visit the most spectacular temples and sanctuaries.


Whether at a hidden tea-house on a side street of Tokyo or at a casual seaside town, you’ll venture into the local communities that live day-to-day Japanese culture.


Tour the gorgeous temples of Kyoto and Nara, visit charming museums, enjoy presentations by local masters, and taste Japan’s culinary heritage through traditional meals.


Our cultural tours of Japan are built around local interactions to give you the inside perspective. With our Japanese guides and experts, you’ll see the country through local eyes.


From the precise movements of a traditional geisha performance to bold contemporary art scenes, our cultural tours of Japan introduce you to the country’s culture at its most artful.


Backyard Travel’s cultural tours of Japan rely on the expert knowledge of our team of in-country specialists. We know what’s happening because we live here.

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