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An elegant, energetic town that charmed the likes of Orwell and Somerset Maugham, Yangon is home to some of Myanmar’s greatest architectural and cultural treasures. A tailormade Yangon holiday will take you through bustling markets, past giant golden Buddhas, and to serene parks where pagodas dominate the skyline. An exhilarating mix, Yangon has sacred temples and worldly pleasures.

Backyard Travel specializes in everything local. Come explore this placid and beautiful Garden City of the East with our local Myanmar experts. A bespoke Yangon tour gives you the freedom to discover Myanmar your way.

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Tailored Yangon tours will take you on an adventure beyond the city’s famed temples and parks. Our local Yangon travel agency team plans itineraries customized to your interests and ambitions. Take tours of the gilded stupas and pagodas of Shwedagon Paya, or go on tea-tastings and get culinary lessons at local shops and communities. Browse silk and emeralds in Bogyoke market, chill out at a meditation center, or marvel at diamond-studded royal treasure in the National Museum.

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  • Our recent trip through Burma was one of the highlights of my life. Our guides were excellent and met our needs with care. Thank you for all of your help - Everything went very easily.

    John and Loretta Wortley (Myanmar, Oct 2012)

  • We were very pleased with all of your arrangements. The preparations like money transfer etc. worked out conveniently. It was always easy to get in touch with you and we felt in very good hands.

    Felix Sebastian & Kathrin Stefanie Mann (Myanmar, Dec 2012)

  • Thank you so much for all your wonderful efforts in making our daughter’s visit to beautiful Myanmar so fabulous and memorable. Your attention to every detail was very special.

    Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Edward Pellegrini (Myanmar, May 2014)

  • The vacation was really great and we enjoyed it very much. Actually it was one the best holidays we had! Everything was perfectly organised by you and your colleagues and I would like to thank you very much for that.

    Dr. Christian & Edith Maria Schaller (Myanmar, March 2015)

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Some Questions

about our Tours of Yangon

Read up on Myanmar now! Informed travel is the only way to good travel. Check out our answers to FAQs on safety, etiquette, and more.

Yes, most foreign nationals except ASEAN members and a select few countries are required to obtain a visa before visiting Myanmar. Citizens of the European Union, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. among others, are eligible for a tourism eVisa, which is valid for three months from the issuing date and allows a single-entry stay in Myanmar of up to 28 days. The cost of the eVisa will depend upon your nationality. There’s one catch: an eVisa will only allow you to enter the country through Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, or Mandalay international airports, but these are how most visitors enter Myanmar anyway.

We typically categorize the weather in Myanmar into three seasons: dry, wet, and wetter. The dry season, from November to February, is pleasant, with temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). It does, however, get cold in the north during these winter months, and if you plan to visit Inle and Bagan during this time, pack appropriate clothing. The pre-monsoon season starts around March and lasts until May. This is the humid time of year when temperatures are at their hottest, soaring to the mid-30s (90 degrees Fahrenheit) and even surpassing 40 (100 degrees Fahrenheit) in some regions. Monsoon season in Myanmar stretches from May to October.

We think autumn and winter (during the months of November to February) are the best times to travel in Myanmar. During these months, the weather is cooler, drier and more pleasant than the heat and humidity that remains fairly constant the rest of the year. We love, however, visiting ‘up country’—Inle and Bagan—between June and September, when the crowds have gone and you can have the temples and lakes mostly to yourself. Bagan is also lovely and green during the wetter seasons. When you can view the temples of this ancient capital city without the dust of this dry region, it is simply stunning.

The Myanmar New Year, which falls in April, is also a fun and vibrant time to visit. Called thingyan by locals, people across the nation wage citywide water fights, all while wishing each other a happy new year!

Myanmar is still not a heavily touristed country, making it a fantastic destination if you love to travel but hate the crowds. The biggest tourist hubs in Myanmar are Yangon, Mandalay, Inle, and Bagan, all of which offer amazing historical and cultural sights. But if you’d like to venture into lesser-known and little-visited Myanmar, you may want to consider cycling through Myanmar, which will allow you to see villages and local life off the beaten path. Or, our adventure tourS of the Putao region in Kachin State are fully customizable and will bring you face to face with the Kachin people, river islands, and jungles of this beautiful and remote part of Myanmar. To mingle with locals who reside in the mountains, you can trek into Hsipaw in Shan State, an enchanting town where you’ll be welcomed to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the Shan people. Hpa An, the capital of the ethnic minority state of Karen, also makes for a captivating trip to remote and mountainous Myanmar, with the karst peaks surrounding the picturesque town.

Myanmar is a great destination if your family shares a spirit of adventure. Burmese hospitality is truly heartwarming, and after years of political repression and isolation, many Burmese people are now welcoming foreign visitors with open arms. When you combine this with some of Southeast Asia’s most unspoiled and undeveloped countryside, you can expect your family holiday in Myanmar to abound with friendly people, a variety of outdoor activities, and plenty of opportunities to share an authentic Southeast Asian experience.

Children will also love thingyan, the Burmese New Year festival that falls in April. Traditionally, water blessings were given to family, friends, and statues of the Buddha to start the year right. This long-time cultural tradition has evolved into a fun-loving celebration, where entire villages and cities throw a multiple-day water fight!

Although the difficulty of buying a SIM card may have plagued previous travelers to Myanmar, we’re happy to report that things are changing. MPT, the state-owned mobile service provider, is getting some competition with the arrival of Ooredoo and Telenor, two foreign-based companies providing cheap, local SIM cards with 3G. While Ooredoo and Telenor offer cheaper prices, MPT tends to offer the better coverage due to how established they are. You can find Myanmar SIM cards and pre-paid data plans at the airport on arrival, or at operator offices and mobile phone shops in all the major urban centers, such as Yangon, Mandalay, and Bagan. Depending on the service provider, a 3G SIM will cost you somewhere between 1,500 to 5,000 kyat (US$1.50 to $5).

Most domestic carriers in Myanmar only allow bookings to be made from within the country. But not to worry—our ticketing team will book your flights as part of your Myanmar tour package.

Cash is still king in Myanmar, where the credit card system collapsed in the financial crisis of 2003. Although local banks have plans to reintroduce credit cards to Myanmar’s citizens, it’s still a cash-dominated country, and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of kyat on hand. ATMs are becoming more common in major cities, especially in Yangon where they have popped up like mushrooms after the monsoon rains. You’ll find plenty of banks and exchange counters in the major tourist hubs, but don’t rely too heavily on ATM access when heading into smaller towns.

Depending on where you visit, Myanmar can be a culinary melting pot, with the regional cuisines of Shan, Rakhine, and Kachin states being among the best in the country. “Bhamar” curries are the national staple, with juicy chunks of meat or fish stewed in a rich curry gravy. A typical Burmese meal will come with rice, a curry, and a few smaller dishes of mixed salads, fresh greens, and cooked vegetables, often with hingyo, a hot, clear broth, on the side.

One of our favorite dishes that can be found anywhere in Myanmar is tea leaf salad, or lahpet thoke, which combines pickled tea leaves with chopped tomato and crunchy, toasted beans. Foodies shouldn’t leave Myanmar without trying a bowl of mohinga, the nation’s favorite breakfast food. Although it looks deceptively simple—rice noodles in a fish-and-tomato-based soup—you’ll find that mohinga has a bold and complex flavor that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Indian cuisine enthusiasts will also delight in the South Asian influences in Burmese biryani and the Burmese flatbread, which is made in a clay oven, much like naan. But, if you tend to be a little more conservative in your culinary choices, don’t worry. Myanmar offers a wide variety of international foods in tourist hubs, and dining in Yangon is offering more and more of an eclectic culinary scene that will make any gourmand happy.

As with any Asian country, it’s customary to tip your Myanmar tour guide and driver. We recommend giving each about US$10 per group per day. As for tipping at hotels and restaurants, in Myanmar it’s not expected but appreciated. If you want to tip your hotel porter, we suggest giving US$1 per piece of luggage carried, and for restaurant staff, about 5 to 10% of the bill.

Hotels in Yangon are pricier than hotels of the same category in neighboring cities such as Bangkok or Hanoi, and they also tend to be pricier than properties in Inle and Bagan. There has been a rush in hotel development in Myanmar in recent years, but options are still limited, especially in remote areas. We advise booking in advance during peak periods. For the best deals on the best accommodations to suit your tastes, contact one of our Myanmar-based Travel Specialists, who have personal relationships with Burmese hoteliers and innkeepers.

When you travel to Myanmar, you should be inoculated against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and polio as these are all present in the country. We always recommend having good medical insurance that covers evacuation flights. Check your government’s travel advisory on Myanmar for the most up-to-date information.

Please dress modestly and respectfully, covering any bare skin from the shoulders to below the knees, especially when entering places of worship. Some temples and pagodas will provide you with a longyi to tie around your waist before you enter the sacred site.

Myanmar has a wonderful heritage of local and traditional handicrafts. Supporting artisans by shopping for local gifts and products helps keep traditional crafts alive.

Religious iconography is everywhere in Myanmar in the form of temples, pagodas, and religious imagery. You’ll also notice the image of Aung San, the famous general who is considered the ‘father of modern Burma,’ and his daughter, Nobel Peace prize–winning Aung San Suu Kyi, displayed everywhere in Myanmar. Please show respect for these cultural sites and images by avoiding sitting or posing in front of them. Please ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.

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Sights & Experiences

Not sure what you want for your tailored Yangon holiday? Yangon has a wealth of activities and plenty of luxury to go with it. Browse our blog to see what our Myanmar experts recommend for bespoke Yangon tours.


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Want to Learn more about Yangon?

Backyard Travel’s tailored Yangon tours let you experience this city through local eyes. While Yangon is no longer Myanmar’s capital, the city is still the cultural center of the country, boasting religious sites, handsome colonial architecture, and unmissable cultural and historical attractions.

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Yangon may be Myanmar’s largest city, but the unassuming, laid-back demeanor of most residents will sometimes make you feel more in a rural village than in a busy economic center.

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The months between November and February are relatively cool and dry. Spring temperatures can be balmy, while rains are common between May and September.

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Yangon offers everything from calm rooftop bars to fine garden restaurants and decadent luxury. During the day, enjoy traditional dance performances and local teas.

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Yangon is decidedly Myanmar’s cultural capital, home to the most sacred Buddhist temples, the most comprehensive museums, and even the most eclectic live music shows.

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Burmese is the most widely spoken language in Yangon. Immigrants from the countryside often speak local dialects, and Myanmar’s colonial past and growing tourist trade make basic English common.

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Myanmar’s capital was moved to Naypyidaw in a recent national reorganization effort. The 11th-century city of Yangon, however, served as a royal and colonial capital for over a century.

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Backyard is all about local expertise. We live and work in Myanmar. Ask us questions, chat with us about your ideas, and we’ll design you a unique tailormade Yangon holiday.


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Sometimes, I travel to see things and sometimes, I travel to do things but I always travel to learn and relax. I love to travel because it opens my eyes, gladdens my heart, sharpens my mind and brightens my life.

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