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With breath-taking landscapes from towering Himalayan peaks to the white sandy beaches of Ngapali along the Andaman Coast, the unparalleled, lustrous cities of Yangon and Mandalay, a wealth of spiritual and archeological heritage in Bagan and extremely friendly and hospitable peoples to match – you will discover that Myanmar is just the place you’re looking for, a place that will continue to live in your memory long after your Myanmar holiday.

For those travelers wanting to see the highlights, The Best of Myanmar tour takes you to eclectic Yangon, the pagoda plains of Bagan where hidden trails are explored by horse carts, to the deep blue shores of Inle Lake, and to the former royal capital Mandalay.   

Feeling adventurous? Then take the road less traveled to Mrauk U by boat and discover why this hidden city, the 15th-century capital and once one of the wealthiest places in Asia, is now a major archeological site. 

Still uncertain of where you’d like to go on your Myanmar vacation? Depending on what time of year you want to travel and what kind of holiday you’re in search of – cultural exploration, honeymoon, adventure or family vacation — our Myanmar tour specialists can provide you with top-notch advice based on first-hand local knowledge found only from years of living there.

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Kachin State is home to Hkakabo Razi, SEA’s highest mountain.
Malikha Lodge,Putao, Myanmar

Adventure Putao in style on this eight day luxury tour. Ride by jeep, trek to hill tribe villages, and canoe and raft along rivers to explore this rugged, remote area.

Delve into an exotic world and let Myanmar’s mystique and splendor leave you in awe.
Pagodas and Temples at Sunset, Bagan, Myanmar

Take a short yet revealing tour of the religious sites of Myanmar’s soul, and explore the fascinating lesser-seen structures that dot the plains of Bagan such as the Ananda Oakkyaung Monastery.

Romantic in name & alluring in nature, experience 2 of Myanmar’s finest; Mandalay & Bagan.
Praying Young Monk, Myanmar

See Mandalay and Bagan and learn about the craftsmanship for which they are famed. Visit villages, monasteries and cave temples; meeting locals and trying delicacies along the way.

The legacy of the British can be seen throughout Myanmar in the local passion for tea.
Friendly locals with traditional  'Thanaka' painted faces, Myanmar

Discover the lesser-seen Sagar to the south of Inle Lake and see the curious sunken stupas as well as the local village life of the regions Pa-O hill tribes.

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