AMAZING JOURNEY, Thanks so much

Back now and still recovering from our amazing journey. It was a fantastic trip.

Mrs. Marilyn L. Geary

Thank you so much for organizing our trip to Burma. It really was the trip of a lifetime

Susan Low & Guy Dimond


Myanmar — sitting on the cusp of change, this Southeast Asian gem has all the exotic charm to be one of the world’s best and favorite travel destinations. Rudyard Kipling in 1898 summed it up impeccably as he remarked, “This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.” This statement still rings true today.  

So, where should you go for a Myanmar holiday? Highlights of the country include Yangon, Myanmar’s busiest city full of eclectic atmosphere in culture and diversity, beautifully complimented by the revered gold-plated Shwedagon Pagoda. Head to the heart of the country’s architectural wealth in Bagan, where over 2000 stupas rest on a magnificent vast plain, and Inle Lake, a deep body of water surrounded by the Shan Mountains, home to floating gardens and rural villages, all of which can be explored by boat.

Take the chance to travel to the lesser known destinations as they are equally enchanting and not to be missed! Journey to Patao at 5500 meters, some of the highest mountains of Southeast Asia, the tropical waters of the Myeik Archipelago best seen by sailboat, and Mrauk U, at one time the wealthiest city in Asia and now a fascinating major archeological site.

In the end, it is the distinct and colorful character that makes Myanmar stand out from its Southeast Asian neighbors. Take the first step to absorb this incredible atmosphere inside one of the local tea shops, your own window into the curious and gorgeous world of Burmese culture.

Our Myanmar tour specialists give you the best advice on where to visit and when, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with our unparalleled experience and knowledge gained from living and breathing this charming country. 



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$916 (15% Off)
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Bagan’s countless ancient temples are a fairtale playground for kids.
Girl Smiling, Myanmar

Discover beautiful Bagan as a family. See its buildings and landscape; and explore cave temples and mountain top shrines as you gain real local experience.

$1083 (10% Off)
Price Per Person
Delve into an exotic world and let Myanmar’s mystique and splendor leave you in awe.
Asian traditional female farmer carrying clay pot, Bagan, Myanmar

Experience the best of Myanmar. See historic Yangon, before moving on to the beautiful scenery of Bagan. Discover Mandalay see ancient capitals and visit amazing Inle Lake.

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