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A melting pot of ancient and modern, maritime and mountainous, wild and urbane, Malaysia is full of surprises. See our selection of private tours in Malaysia.

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Imagine a country that is home to more than 5,000 endemic species, a kaleidoscopic cultural history and some of the most phenomenal cuisine to be found in Asia. Guess what? You’ve just imagined Malaysia. Taken together, the terrain of Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo ranges from the urban and glitzy to the wild and untrodden. Just head to the fashionable districts of Kuala Lumpur for a truly cosmopolitan experience in the tropics, or to the jungle of Sepilok for some genuinely wild encounters. And with a colorful past that includes rich indigenous customs, development of the Asian spice trade and the influence of British colonialism, Malaysia offers a rainbow of rich experiences, flavors, cultures and destinations. As an established travel agency specializing in private tours of Malaysia, Backyard Travel excels in matching a wide variety of tailor-made Malaysia tours to your interests. Whether you’re hankering for an immersive cultural experience, a jungle river safari, orangutan sightings in Borneo or street food tours in Penang, we can help you design your custom private Malaysia tour.


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Genuine Reviews of Our Private Tours in Malaysia

4.6 rating
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Holiday in Borneo, Malaysia

5.0 rating
May 5, 2019

This was my second time working with Backyard Travel in my vacation itinerary. The airport transfer & tours were great. I especially liked our guide Francis who took us in an amazing adventure in Mount Kinabalu Park. He was so knowledgeable & we got to see many things.
I will be using this company again & definitely recommend them to friends & family

Mona P

Holiday in Borneo, Malaysia

3.0 rating
April 21, 2019

Our experience with Backyard was not the best in Borneo. We had much better experience in Myanmar. Issues with planning. Issues with local support. Quality of service was mediocre at best. Perhaps Backyard is not quite ready for prime time in Borneo. (Again, had excellent service in planning and execution for our Myanmar trip)

Atul M

Holiday in Borneo, Malaysia

5.0 rating
January 27, 2019

though not cheap, excellent friendly service, good area knowledge and local presence choosing reliable local operators! Thank you!!!

Maksymilian N

Holiday in Borneo, Malaysia

5.0 rating
August 26, 2018

Everything very well organised as usual. Great hotels, tour guides and drivers

Joyce S

Holiday in Borneo, Malaysia

5.0 rating
October 11, 2016

We were very pleased with our trip. It met all our expectations. Great communication with Pug, who helped us organized it. Our guide and driver were wonderful.

Karine C

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What’s Special about Malaysia?

Aside from its pristine beaches, ancient rainforests and beguiling wildlife, Malaysia boasts a rich cultural tapestry shaped by various Malay kingdoms and its role as a commercial hub for international trade. Astounding diversity is the watchword in Malaysia, from its natural wonders to its cultural delights.


Well accustomed to travelers, the people of Malaysia take pride in their nation’s recent development and their polished skills at hospitality. You’ll find a happy medium of comfort, convenience and adventure here.


Hot and humid year round, Malaysia does offer microclimates according to region and topography. While Borneo sees the most rain from October to February, the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia gets its monsoon season from April to October.


While Malaysia’s religious leanings keep raucous nightlife at bay, you’ll find amazing ways to stay entertained in the cities and in the wild. Discover world-class shopping in Kuala Lumpur, sumptuous cuisine in Penang and river safaris in Sabah.


On our private tours of Malaysia, you’ll have the chance to revel in the local tribal customs, Chinese and Indian immigrant traditions, European colonial architecture, and the myriad languages, cuisines and religions that coexist here.


On any crowded street you’re bound to hear Malay, Hindi, Chinese—and perhaps even a tribal language or two. English is widely used, and you’ll also find traces of Dutch and Portuguese in the names of places and foods.


Humans are thought to have inhabited Malaysia for some 40,000 years. While the various branches of the Orang Asli are thought to be the first indigenous inhabitants, a heady mix of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and European histories have also taken root.

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Private Tours in Malaysia
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