Burma, one of the highlights of my life

Our guides were excellent and met our needs with care. Thank you for all of your help.

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Fascinating and never to be forgotten !

Backyard Travel was the best - professional, inovative, flexible, informative and fun!

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Asia, perhaps more than any other place in the world, melds all the elements of a traveler’s dream. Every country is a wonder in its own right.

From the frenetic streets of Saigon to the terraced mountainsides of Sapa, from the temples, palaces and pagodas of Hue, to the exquisitely preserved streets of Hoi An’s Old Town, Vietnam offers something for everyone.

In Cambodia, the elaborate temples of Angkor spur our imaginations to run wild with visions of how an ancient civilization once lived. And in Laos, on the banks of the mighty Mekong River, sleepy Luang Prabang serves as placid reminder that in order to live deeply, we must live slowly.

Thailand, as ever, is an intoxicating mix of everything Asia holiday seekers look for in an exotic escape. Blending idyllic retreats, awe-inspiring attractions — such as the dramatic limestone islands that rise out of the Andaman Sea near Krabi — and exotic eats, the kingdom is endlessly compelling.

After decades of isolation, Myanmar, with its breathtaking temples of Bagan, colonial British architecture and friendly aura, is poised to become Southeast Asia’s next hot spot.

Bali is Indonesia’s biggest tourism asset, and for good reason: The Island of the Gods is both spiritual by nature and a force of nature. But it’s just one gem in an archipelago of more than 17,500 of them, from the northern tip of Sumatra to undiscovered New Guinea.

China is not only one of the world’s biggest nations, by default of its geographical vastness; it is also one of the most diverse. With a captivating history to investigate, modern-day metropolises to explore, and fascinating cultural nuances to experience, this amazing wonderland never fails to offer something new, no matter how many times you visit or how long you stay.

And then there’s Japan, which manages to strike a perfect balance between modern flair and ancient traditions, vibrant cities and quaint villages, made all the more stunning during spring, when cherry blossom trees come to life in a way that has inspired festivals and poets for centuries.

Want to learn more? Contact any of our tour specialists, who live in our Asia travel destinations and have unrivalled, up-to-date knowledge of where to go, what to do and where to stay across the region.



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Bhutan is the only nation in the world where the sale of tobacco is banned
Bhutanese Enjoy The Paro Tsechu Festival

Experience Bhutan on this adventurous tour with a three-day trek through the Phobjikha valley, camping under the sky, and tours of illustrious fortresses and temples.

$887 (10% Off)
Price Per Person
The Thais hold dear to their hearts that their beloved country was never colonized.
Phimai Stone Ruined Castle, Thailand

Enjoy a gastronomic exploration of Thailand’s heartland as you discover Korat, Khao Yai, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani - regions of Isaan renowned as the ‘soul’ of the country.

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Price Per Person
Kachin State is home to Hkakabo Razi, SEA’s highest mountain.
Malikha Lodge,Putao, Myanmar

Adventure Putao in style on this eight day luxury tour. Ride by jeep, trek to hill tribe villages, and canoe and raft along rivers to explore this rugged, remote area.

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Price Per Person
See the hidden treasures of Sambor Prey Kuk. The temples are 100 years older than Angkor!
Cambodia careful Elephants Sign, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The perfect tailor-made temple trip for all the family, this Backyard Travel tour allows you to experience the best of the majestic region of Cambodia’s Angkor region.

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