A traditional japanese umbrella, made of wood and paper, from the inside
AMAZING JOURNEY, Thanks so much

Back now and still recovering from our amazing journey. It was a fantastic trip.

Mrs. Marilyn L. Geary
Fascinating and never to be forgotten !

Backyard Travel was the best - professional, inovative, flexible, informative and fun!

Mrs. Christine Ekberg
About Us

Local knowledge. Connecting on a local level. The majority of modern-day travelers want to feel, taste and experience a destination in a way that's real and enduring. They don't want a great trip. They want an unforgettable one. 

As one of Asia's best tour companies, Backyard Travel not only understands this desire, we embrace it. In fact, the philosophy is at the core of who we are: we are an Asian Travel Company with offices in Hong Kong, where our company was envisioned, and Bangkok, where our management team is located.

From our head office in Thailand, General Manager Maeve Nolan and Backyard Travel’s Sales Manager Bruno Mammone oversee a team of full-time Travel Specialists located throughout Asia, working, living and breathing their destinations from Siem Reap to Saigon, from Koh Samui to Kyoto.

Maeve and Bruno know the reason you’re looking for a company like us. You want to feel, taste and experience a destination in a way that's real and enduring. You’ve come to us because you want to get inside the true soul of a destination, traveling with the best tour companies in Asia.

For more on Maeve, Bruno and the team we encourage you to  meet our Travel Specialists. Asia is our Backyard, and our seamless tours are the doors to singular journeys.