What Makes us Unique?

Backyard Travel shares with you the treasures and surprises of the local insider’s Asia. With our team of in-country travel specialists, we plunge eagerly into every metropolis and village, from humming harbors on the South China Sea to distant hilltops in the Himalayas, searching for the uncommon and the exhilarating.

100% Responsive Design


Who better to answer your questions than a person who’s currently there?

100% Responsive Design


Our travel specialists are not only experts of their countries—they’re citizens.

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Our years of experience as an Asia travel agent make us the reliable choice.

100% Responsive Design


A seasoned travel consultant will design a trip tailored to your specific wishes.

Our Promise To You

Wherever you go in Asia, you can be confident that a travel consultant from our expert team will provide you with the utmost care and quality when it comes to planning your trip. Asia can be daunting and unpredictable, but with Backyard Travel, you can enjoy your voyage, knowing you will be in safe, reliable hands.

Superior Service

We can turn your dream of a blissful holiday in Asia into a tailormade experience that is focused on your aspirations, thanks to our team of local travel specialists.

Unique Experiences

We love tailored tours because we get to share the passions of Asia that most intrigue you. For every interest you have in nature, cuisine, history, and more, we have the right match.

Smooth Sailing

We want your journey to Asia to be stress-free. No matter the river you float down, peace of mind is there because Backyard Travel knows the way.

Always Available

Once you’ve arrived in Asia, we are here for you. Answering your questions, handling your eventful schedule, and remembering the important details are what we do best.


Your ideas and feedback help us design your perfect trip. That’s why our priority is not just to create perfect bespoke tours but to do so enthusiastically and promptly.

Guaranteed Quality

Our in-country experts frequently inspect and revise our collection of hotels, lodges, and resorts, so you can be certain any accommodation we suggest has top-notch service and cordial staff.

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Let‘s Meet the Team

Head Office - Bangkok, Thailand

In many ways Bangkok is the epitome of Asia. That’s why as an Asia tour operator we’ve made our headquarters here, where skyscrapers stretch up to relentlessly sunny skies, but ancient, modest tradition is the backbone of a vibrant, thriving culture. From this booming center of Thailand, we oversee our far-reaching travel specialists located in every corner of the beloved continent we call our home.

Maeve Nolan

General Manager

I‘ve made Asia my home for the past 17-years and during this time I‘ve been lucky enough to carve a career in travel which has allowed me to integrate my life passion into my work.

Pug Patcharaboriseth

Sales Manager

I‘ve throughout Asia with my parents since I was 5 years old. I always believe that seeing anything with my own eyes will make things memorable for life.


Marketing Coordinator

Saigon & Hanoi Offices - Vietnam

Team members lucky enough to live in Vietnam know Hanoi and Saigon, the respective northern and southern counterparts, are really two halves of the same whole. While Hanoi is traditional and laid-back, Saigon is historical and fast-paced. Deciding between the two is tricky, but surely our experts will jump to boast that together the cities exemplify the cultural atmosphere that makes us all fall in love with Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Tam

Vietnam Travel Specialist

My love of travelling since my teenage years had helped me to decide to study tourism to become a professional guide...

Diep Tuong Vi

Vietnam Travel Specialist

I travel because it makes the improvement, we can explore new things, and challenges.

Truong Thu Lan

Vietnam Travel Specialist

Travelling has taught me many lessons, and in the end it all comes down to one‘s spirit, how people are living, respecting their life...

Tokyo Office - Japan

For our Japan staff, it’s a dream to work in travel, but to work as a travel consultant in Tokyo is a whole other neon-lit fantasy. An ultramodern city in perpetual motion, Tokyo shows us the future of Asia. But beyond bright towers of glass and steel are peaceful, quiet shrines and streets fringed with fragrant cherry blossoms — undoubtedly our Japan team’s top sights.

Tuck Sermkhun

Japan Travel Specialist

Seeing new places, meeting new people, tasting various food and experiencing new cultures amaze me...

Pug Patcharaboriseth

Japan Travel Specialist

I travelled throughout Thailand with my parents since I was 5 years old. I always believe that seeing anything from my own eyes will make things memorable for life...

Joy Vienravee

Japan Travel Specialist

I seem to feel ‘peace-of-mind’ when I explore different cultures. When I need inspiration, or am at a crossroads in my life...

Yangon Office - Myanmar

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s growing tourist industries. Yangon in particular is gaining popularity, and our local Backyard Travel team is discovering off-the-beaten-path treasures that make Myanmar fresh and distinctive. Our specialists love planning tailored tours that reveal exactly that quality. Wandering down tree-lined streets along the riverbank and lake, you’ll soon appreciate Yangon’s nickname, Garden City of the East.

Ei Ei Thwe ‘Helen‘

Myanmar Travel Specialist

Since I was a child, I was interested in foreign cultures and it was always my dream to become a tour guide. Eventually, my dream came true...

Wai Lin

Myanmar Travel Specialist

I love travelling to places I know from reading books or from films I‘ve watched. Also, I also love meeting new people...

Zar ’Angel’ Yi Hnin

Myanmar Travel Specialist

Bangkok Office - Thailand

Our team in Bangkok knows the city’s ins and outs. From the magnificent Royal Palace to the delicate temples that grace the urban landscape, our Bangkok travel experts can take you on a tour that not only introduces Thailand’s culture and history but presents you a wider view of Asia as a whole.

Pornsurang Siriwandee

Thailand Travel Specialist

I fell in love with tourism when I was at university. I have since travelled to most provinces in Thailand and discovered incredible places and cultures...

Pimkamol Chaowalit

Thailand Travel Specialist

I realized my passion for travel as a child. My father was a miner and his job took us to remote parts of Thailand. The area I will always remember is Mae Hong Son...

Chayanin Sinyodyeam

Thailand Travel Specialist

I love to travel to explore the beautiful sites and learn differences cultures not only in Thailand but everywhere around the world...

Vientiane Office - Laos

Compared to the continent’s clamoring urban giants, Vientiane is pleasantly mellow and easygoing, and its citizens wouldn’t have it any other way. But being one of Asia’s smallest capitals doesn’t in the least take away from Vientiane’s offerings. Tailored tours designed by our local experts unveil the tranquil culture of this quaint Laos city that only they know.

Bounhome ‘Hom‘ Inthanousone

Laos Travel Specialist

Before becoming a Travel Specialist I used to work as a tour guide and took my clients all over Laos...

Phnom Penh Office - Cambodia

A flourishing city on the rise, Phnom Penh exudes provincial charm in its French colonial mansions and boulevards, amid older and even more monumental Angkorian architecture that resounds a grand and influential past. Our travel team in Cambodia peels back the layers of history upon history to show you why Phnom Penh is the Gem of Indochina.

Phan Sophea

Cambodia Travel Specialist

I am a Rugby player. The sport allowed me to go travelling and meeting teams from all over the world...

Chhun Panharoth

Cambodia Tour Specialist

I love discovering the new and learning more about different countries and cultures. It always surprises me how diverse each country in the world is...

Bali Office - Indonesia

Nothing is more thrilling than being an Asia tour operator in Bali — just ask our in-country experts. Between warm waves and fiery volcanoes, the island of Bali has a wealth of outdoor activities for energetic explorers looking to trek, bike, kayak, and swim. With so much to do, our Bali travel specialists will design fun-filled days that leave you wanting to plan a return trip.

Andhika Putra

Indonesia Travel Specialist

I draw my inspiration from my dream to see the world. When I lived in the US, I felt that I had got to a whole new world and this encouraged me to keep on exploring new things I love...

Novi Olivia

Indonesia Travel Specialist

Nature doesnt last forever. It needs us to witness its beauty and it is hard for me to refuse its seduction, or my urge to see more hidden things...

Beijing Office - China

As China’s capital, Beijing is just the aperture to the rest of the country. In a city of formidable landmarks, mouthwatering cuisine, and enchanting history, our travel specialists carve out insider experiences and find the uncommon attractions that not only reflect Beijing’s illustrious culture but China’s grandeur and significance.

K Lian

China Travel Specialist

China is huge, I will use my knowledge to help create a truly memorable experience for you in China. I will help you to select the speciality of China to meet your desire.

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With in-country travel specialists based all over the continent, our advantage lies in having local expertise to create unique bespoke tours. Whether you're looking to cruise down Asia's tranquil rivers, bike the peaceful rural roads, or eat at bustling night markets, Backyard Travel can plan your ideal trip based on your personal preferences. Send us a message about your ideas, and we'll get back to you promptly with suggestions for the path you choose.

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine